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The engine that drives traffic to your website – and your business – needs to fire on all cylinders. We can fine tune it!

| The Original Tacoma Web Marketers

Look Under the Hood

Look Under the Hood to measure performance for an auto shop website.

Measuring Website Performance

Odds are you spent some good money on getting a modern designed website but it’s just not performing the way you’d hoped. People do a Google search, and your website shows up way down the results list.

People just don’t scroll down to find you. It sucks! We know!

It’s something that can be fixed but requires expertise. Specialized knowledge. The right tools.

You understand that. That’s where we come in.

At GreenHaven Interactive, we have the expertise, knowledge, tools, and experience. We want to make them available to you.

| The Original Tacoma Web Marketers

Free Diagnostic

What’s wrong with it, and how much is it going to cost to fix it?

With over 400 different website elements that Google looks at to rank your site, we are constantly having to adapt to their changing requirements and test parameters. 

Keeping track is a full-time job. It’s what we do.

We analyze, summarize, and show you the results.

Perform SEO Audit

Our free audit identifies all the issues that might be impacting your search engine ranking. We than tirage the results to get the quickest positive gains.

On-Page SEO

After performing a thorough Keyword Analysis, we optimize the content on each page of your website with the best keywords that people are actually searching for so you get more relevant traffic and customer leads

Keyword Search

By comparing how your business ranks and how your competition ranks on Google Search we find the most effective keywords that will drive viewers to your website.

Google for Business Listing

We update and keep your Google for Business listing current. When people search for “auto repair near me” this is the map that helps them find your shop.

Strategic Citation Building

Authoritative sources such as business directories, social media, review sites, and online articles that are linked back to your website must be accurate in order to rank your website higher in search engines.

Link Building

Both internal links between pages of your website, as well as links to and from external pages on 3rd party websites build relationships that lend credibility to your business. Properly managed website links are critical to obtaining good search engine rankings. 

Reputation Management

Next to word-of mouth advertising, high scoring 4-star and 5-star reviews are the best way to build trust with prospective customers. Our reputation managment system make the job simple, obtains positive reviews, and showcases those reviews in search engines like Google.

SEO Reporting & Maintenance

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GreenHaven Interactive utilizing the best practices in Web Design, Search Engine Marketing (SEO/SEM), Social Media, Reputation Management and other proven vehicles, GreenHaven partners with your organization to drive your business goals.