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The cornerstone of all GreenHaven website services is that you have a strong yet malleable website foundation upon which to build. The rules of the Internet change often. Google changes what works and doesn’t. Security dictates changes. Look and feel trends determine what people want to see. The old way of building and then rebuilding a website every couple of years is costly and gives you an inconsistent presence. We answer that with ongoing evaluation and updates, allowing us to account for changing trends and needs. You are still responsible for your own content, as the business owner. We are responsible to monitor security, google, market changes and trends and make updates to keep you current. This is built into our monthly web plans.

You have a story to tell, and a brand to represent. Our job is to make that happen for you. “Your visibility is our responsibility.” It goes much deeper than simply being visible, though. Once found, you need to tell your story effectively and dynamically, and guide your viewers to a call-to-action. This process involves many disciplines, both creative and structured, and relational and technical.

You can rely on your point of contact to be in constant communication with you. Your involvement is critical! In order to best represent your company and values, we need your partnership. You’ll be asked a lot of questions about who you are and the story you want to tell.

We are excited to partner with you in bringing your story, vision, and mission to life!

GreenHaven Interactive utilizing the best practices in Web Design, Search Engine Marketing (SEO/SEM), Social Media, Reputation Management and other proven vehicles, GreenHaven partners with your organization to drive your business goals.