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Our Story

Since 1994, we’ve pioneered internet marketing in Tacoma and beyond.

Founded by owner Dave Parkhurst in 1994, GreenHaven Interactive became one of the first digital marketing agencies in the Pacific Northwest. Today, the GreenHaven Interactive team are leading experts in digital marketing in Tacoma and the greater Puget Sound.

Founder Dave Parkhurst started his career in technology in the early 1980’s. He later went on to work for Apple Computers in the mid-1990’s, where he further expanded his industry knowledge, skills and expertise. Following his time with Apple, he explored his entrepreneurial side, successfully developing and running several businesses. As a life-long, proclaimed computer geek and Trekkie, his passion for digital marketing and technology is second only to his love for his family and for the Lord.

Through his entrepreneurial career, Dave has owned and operated a variety of companies, including a flooring store, dry cleaners, and a self-storage facility. This allows him to bring a unique perspective to the table: understanding both digital marketing and the role technology plays in it, and the reality and challenges that come with owning a small, brick and mortar business. Because of this, Dave passionately works with the small business owner to leverage digital marketing and produce a positive ROI through it.

Beyond his passion for business and technology, Dave is a true family man. This has permeated all the way into his business. In 2012, his daughter Rebekah came to work for him full time, and is now one of GreenHaven Interactive’s lead designers and developers. As a family business, GreenHaven Interactive works closely in the community to bring success to other small businesses, for their families and for the growth of the small business community. Dave and Rebekah believe that our success lies in the success of our clients, and that value drives everything we do!

Our family and the GreenHaven team consists of the best in their expertise. We employ developers, designers, writers, SEO experts and social media experts. Our firm belief is that one person can be very good at a couple things, and a team of experts who are focused on fully developing their skill set allows us to bring the best to the table. Our GreenHaven team has continuously expanded over the years, and we are now proudly 8 strong and growing.

Our Values


The basis of every good partnership is trust. This is true in the the business-to-business relationship as well. We firmly believe that honesty is of utmost importance in order to succeed together. We know we aren’t perfect and mistakes can happen on either end, but we promise to be honest and to work together to resolve whatever issues arise.


Working in the digital world does not mean we lose sight or value of who we’re working with and for. We recognize that just as we are families doing our best to make a living, so are our clients!


We work with many clients, at many tiers with many different needs. Because of the wide variety of what we do and whom we work with, consistency is a core value. We promise to give the same care and attention to every job, regardless of how big or small. Above and beyond building rapport, this creates trust that lasts and leads to longterm partnerships with other businesses in our community.


Everyone, every business, has a unique story like ours, and we acknowledge and appreciate that. It is an honor for us to be able to understand, empathize, and work with your situation to achieve your goals. As your marketing firm, a good understanding of you and your company is crucial to an effective and fruitful partnership.


When you work with GreenHaven Interactive, we want you to know that you’re not just a client for today. Marketing isn’t a one-time shot, and because of that, our business model requires that we partner and work closely with our clients over a long period of time. This helps us constantly adjust and improve upon our efforts, and gives you the best results overtime. Results design to last!


Our goal with each client starts simply: help you succeed in marketing and generate a positive ROI. This requires much flexibility on our part, as each company has different marketing and financial goals. When you work with us, we take the time to recognize and work towards your specific goals.


Working with your marketing department and digital footprint means that we will inevitably require access to private or confidential information. We take this very seriously, and extend this into all of our marketing efforts, including carefully handling all online information. Inline with this is the attention to cyber-security, and the standard we set for all our development projects.


No job is so important that values should be compromised, and we hold true to that. When working in marketing, there’s always the potential risk that a conflict of interest may arise. It is our conviction to always avoid this whenever possible, even when it means sacrifice on our end.
| The Original Tacoma Web Marketers

Meet Our Team

Dave Parkhurst

Dave Parkhurst


Dave founded GreenHaven Interactive in 1994, originally as a passion-driven side hustle. He spent a large part of his career working for big tech companies like Apple, until he migrated into the small business space. Dave is a husband and a father of four daughters, several dogs, and even more goats. If you look hard you may catch him in one of his natural habitats: Aboard the Starship Enterprise researching SEO and new technology, playing Starcraft, or out with his family.
Jessica Young

Jessica Young

Client Success Manager

Jessica comes from a marketing and customer service background to help support the team of engineers and developers connect with our clients. She’s worked with big corporations and small businesses, and her big picture perspective helps the team stay organized. She handles our support email, ensuring the right requests are handled by the best people for the job. Being a mom to 2 small children helps her stay flexible as things constantly change in the digital world. Jessica enjoys learning and cooking for her family when she’s not behind a keyboard.

Lola Howell

Lola Howell

Web Developer/Designer/UX

Lola is a multidisciplinary UX Designer with experience in design, front end development as well as user research. She graduated from the UW with degrees in Computer Science and Writing Studies Technical Communications. She is a user defender, problem solver and a firm believer that life is all about experiences and collaborations. Lola worked with both startups and corporate companies such as Microsoft as well as managed freelance projects. In her spare time, she loves exploring nature with her 3 year old daughter.

Bob Knowles

Bob Knowles


Bob has been with GreenHaven from the beginning, when he was learning back-end website development before most people knew how to navigate a browser. Always one step ahead of the technology curve, Bob is an expert coder and developer, handling troubleshooting, cyber security, and server management. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a technical challenge that he can’t solve!

Amanda Tento

Amanda Tento

Social Media Contributor

Amanda has spent the last 13 years in Business Management and in her most recent position was a credit union manager. She uses those skills in her own business and the work she does for GreenHaven. Amanda manages Facebook and Google My Business Postings, Project Management, Paid Advertising, SEO, and “other duties as assigned.” Her passions include helping other business owners to build and grow their businesses and spending time with her family. Her biggest goal is to start a non-profit organization to train women and youth in Cameroon, West Africa, to work virtually so they can overcome poverty and escape polygamy. She lives with her husband and three children.

JR Galia

JR Galia

Web Developer

JR Galia is an IT professional from Philippines with 10+ years of experience in IT industry and academe. He transitioned from teaching to being a full-time website developer in GreenHaven Interactive.

Shelby Beckwith

Shelby Beckwith

Content Manager

Shelby is a writer and artist from the Pacific Northwest. After graduating from CWU with a degree in professional and creative writing, she paved her way as a writer with local publications and excelled in office management roles. As a content manager with GreenHaven Interactive, Shelby wears many hats. No matter if it is writing content, project management or client relations, she is able to contribute in innovative and creative ways. Shelby is a mother of two young children and enjoys reading, writing, creating art and spending time with her family.


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| The Original Tacoma Web Marketers

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