Here at Greenhaven Interactive we’re blessed with an amazing team of some of the brightest in the business. We employ talented UX designers, content writers, creatives, and front-end staff who work hard to provide our clients with quality websites and exceptional care.

As our team has grown we’ve had the opportunity to employ several fantastic women. These ladies bring their creativity, expertise, and passion with them to work every day. The influence they’ve had on our organization is invaluable and is evidenced by the content we produce, the websites we create, and the businesses we get to serve.

 We want to take a moment to highlight the talented women that make Greenhaven what it is.

Meet the Women of Greenhaven Interactive



RebekahParkhurst copy

Like her father, Rebekah is a life-long techie, creative, and problem solver. Rebekah is a developer and designer who helps our websites run and creates beautiful visuals for our pages and clients. Rebekah is fascinated by the world of technology and the constant shifts and changes it undergoes. She loves learning about new trends and designs. Rebekah is currently in school at the University of Washington, pursuing a bachelor’s in Computer Science.

In her free time Rebekah is an accomplished musician. She loves to volunteer at her church and explore the world of VR.


Customer Service Support

IMG 0367 e1641241735870

Things at Greenhaven simply wouldn’t run without Jessica. Jessica brings a background in customer service and marketing to help support our staff and connect our developers with clients. She’s worked for big corporations and small businesses. Jessica helps all of us at Greenhaven stay organized, on task, and moving forward. She also handles our support email, delegating tasks sent by clients to our best-fitting team members for the job.

A mom of 2, Jessica loves to learn, cook, and be with family.



LolaHowell 1

Lola has been with Greenhaven for several years and is a huge asset to what we do here. Lola is a multidisciplinary UX Designer with experience in design, front-end development as well as user research.  A graduate of the University of Washington with degrees in both Computer Science and Writing Studies Technical Communications track, Lola focuses on creating beautiful user experiences that drive business. She’s a problem solver and naturally creative. She’s worked with Microsoft and Hipster Creative, as well as several startups and freelance projects.

Lola is the mother of a beautiful daughter and loves exploring, junk journaling, and designing eco-friendly clothing.


Client care representative

IMG 0330 e1641241813828

Traci started in 2021 with Greenhaven and has quickly become an invaluable asset to our team. Born and raised in the South Sound, Traci brings her background of non-profit management and marketing to her work with Greenhaven. She lives in Centralia with her dog and cats. She loves to paint, stitch, and find other ways to creatively express herself.


Social media contributor

Amanda 1

Amanda is a big dreamer who is creative and passionate. Amanda runs several of our clients social media pages, Google My Business postings, SEO, and other assists with running our ads as well. She loves to see other businesses succeed and strives to help other businesses thrive. One of her biggest goals is to create a non-profit in Cameroon to empower young women to work online and escape cycles of polygamy and poverty.

In her free time, Amanda loves to spend time with her family.

Rebecca (Becky)

Content Creator

IMG 0460 1

A graduate of Western Washington University’s English and Spanish programs, Rebecca is a creative at heart who brings her love of learning and the written word to her work here at Greenhaven. Rebecca (known to most of our clients as Becky) helps to develop exceptional content for blogs, writes newsletters, and optimizes websites for Search Engines. She loves hiking, road driving, and learning more about history and current events.

How Women Shape Business

Women in business settings change company culture and workplace culture for the better. From Disney to L’Oreal, it’s clear that companies benefit from a diverse workforce, and Greenhaven is no different.

When women enter a company they bring unique perspectives, experiences, and expertise that allow for innovation and creativity to flourish throughout the workforce.

Not only do women bring creativity and new perspectives to a workforce; businesses that are gender-diverse perform better overall. Research out of Mckinsey has shown that companies with higher gender-diversity are 15% more likely to perform above the industry median.

In the same vein, a study by Gallup surveyed more than 800 business units across two separate companies in the retail and hospitality sectors . It found that gender-diverse companies performed better financially than their male-dominated counterparts.

Women allow companies to appeal to a broader client-base and collaborate with other employees to find unique solutions to problems.

As a digital marketing firm and tech company we are proud to have so many talented women make up part of our staff. We’re thankful for their contributions and are excited to continue to see what they bring to our company!

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