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Craig Randall launched an international consulting business called Trust-Based Observations or TBO. Craig helps teachers and principals do a better job educating and encouraging kids to be all they can be. He is a ‘non-technie,’ ‘all educator,’ smart professional. He comes highly recommended with years of experience in education.

Craig needed a new site and chose GreenHaven Interactive for the task. He also needed advice on how to approach the online world effectively. Like many small business owners, he is working within a marketing budget to make his business work and grow. Craig came to us as a new start-up, which provided an exciting opportunity to not only work in marketing, but also help him brand from the ground-up. For such a highly qualified professional, he needed a brand and an online presence that did justice to his character, service, and experience.


  • Web Design
  • Branding

The GreenHaven Interactive Approach 

GreenHaven Interactive first worked on branding him. We developed a logo, chose colors and typography, and built a framework around these with the goal of exceeding the design standards set in his industry. With some back and forth and revisions in the process, we settled on a design that both GreenHaven and Craig thought represented him and his brand well.

We then set to work on designing the website. Trust-Based Observations came rich with content. With so much to offer and plenty to say, our job was to organize his content in a way that made sense online. Through the marriage of a dynamic design and profound content, we were able to design a site in under six weeks of which we and Craig are proud! 

Today we continue to maintain and update his website. Security, performance, and un-expiring relevancy are our priorities in maintenance. We are grateful and proud to be Trust-Based Observations’ marketing team!


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