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Founded in 1981, Jeff Baker & Associates has been helping businesses and individuals with their taxes for nearly four decades. Jeff Baker & Associates come highly recommended in our local community; the social proof and reputation they have built up makes our job so much easier. It is our privilege to be able to partner with such a reputable company. We have been thrilled to work with Jeff Baker & Associates for the past few years partnering in their digital presence, SEO, and Social Media. Together we have gone through several website updates, keeping them relevant. We also continue to monitor and analyze their SEO, making sure they stay found. We also contribute to their social media efforts, providing seamless integration and consistency between digital mediums.

But don’t take our word for it! Here’s what Nicole, Vice President of Jeff Baker & Associates had to say:


  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Reputation Management
  • Directory Management

The GreenHaven Interactive Approach 

We met Jeff Baker & Associates through networking in our local community, and began to build a professional relationship before going into business together. Because they have been in business for many years, local to Tacoma, and very good at what they do, they’d built their client base largely on referrals. We came on board to help them create a digital presence that reflects their success, as well as expand their reach. 

Our first priority was to build them a functional website. When choosing a CPA, it’s important for new and prospective clients to know that they can trust a company to handle their sensitive information, and do right by them and the IRS. Our goal was to exhibit them as the tax experts in their part of Tacoma. Additionally, to provide all the information a prospective client might look for that would give them the confidence to pick up the phone and book an appointment.

With an updated website ready to go, we began our process of SEO with the support of social media. Using Google analytics, we began to implement content changes, make local updates, and create consistency in their “NAP” (name, address, phone) across the board. We have continued to monitor, adjust, and improve this with time.

In 2017, we completely redesigned their website after collaboration with their in-house staff. Together we were able to come up with a layout, color scheme, and content schematic that reflected their growing company and brought them into the new year. With the new website launched, we readjusted our SEO efforts to mimic and support the changes.

Today we continue to make updates, work with their staff, and keep them current as they grow and thrive. Digital marketing is an ongoing process that requires continuous monitoring, adjusting, feedback and evaluation. It has been our privilege to be Jeff Baker & Associates’ digital marketing firm, and a pleasure to watch them succeed as expert CPA’s.


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