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G & L Bark & Supply was started in Spanaway in 1989 by Gordon Garl and family. They have been supplying their community with landscaping supplies for nearly 30 years, and have developed a credible reputation. As a family business, they all have a passion for what they do, and are loved in their local community of homeowners and landlords! Before working with G&L, we got to know them as a customer. As a family-owned business, we love supporting other family businesses. G&L Bark has been our family’s go-to for landscaping supplies for years now, so we know first-hand the excellent product and service that they offer.


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The GreenHaven Interactive Approach 

Through developing a professional relationship with G&L as their customers, we saw the value of what they offer and wanted to help them market well in their community! They have a solid reputation that precedes them and an excellent brand as a company and a family. It was our privilege to be able to help them bring this to life in the digital world.

When we partnered with them, they had a website that hadn’t been updated in many years. Not only was the design dated, but the content was no longer relevant. Quite the opposite of representing them online, it represented a dated version of them that was counter-intuitive to their brand and goals. Thus, we began by completely redesigning a new website for them from scratch.

Using their red logo as inspiration, we created a bold website that highlights their products and places an emphasis on imagery. We went to their location to take photos of their products, displays, and team at work. As landscaping largely leans on visual aesthetics, having photos with good color to accurately represent their products was critical. While a long and meticulous process, it was the cornerstone (pun intended!) of their new website. 

With their new website launched and ready to go, we took over management of their Google and map listing. As a company whose hours change seasonally, it’s imperative for our team to stay on top of their listing regularly. Additionally, they recently moved to a new location. This further required that we continue to monitor, update, and adjust their local SEO to make sure they are quickly found in their new place of business.

Altogether, we are very excited and honored to be G&L Bark and Supply’s choice for digital marketers. Our journey with them has been a pleasure, and we are excited to watch them continue to grow as a business, both on-site and online!


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