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Want to Learn About Designing With GreenHaven?

Do you do unique and gorgeous designs? More than just Divi Theme Packs and standard block-style designs? If so, read on!

A great website design, like any marketing,  creates an emotion. Creating a positive emotion will make the viewer more receptive to the messaging and, ultimately, want to contact our Client. 

We’re looking for designers who can create that kind of visual appeal that grabs website visitors. Here are some of the attributes we’re looking for.

1) Understanding of shapes, colors, fonts and page navigation.

2) Create a visual design that doesn’t look like every other website. Perhaps that involves curves or unique shapes or just a flow of content that makes a person want to read or watch more. All of the elements should naturally feel compatible together.

3) Ability to create the visual layout that one of our developers will implement. You can create the layout in Divi if you wish or Photoshop or another professional design tool. Our development team can turn almost any design document into reality. If you can also turn it into an actual WordPress webpage, that’s fantastic, but it’s not required. What is required is the ability to create stunning visual design.

4) Follow the guidelines of our Client’s brand/style guide.

Some of our client sites that demonstrate this kind of design include:


– https://www.pugetlawgroup.com



But even with these sites that we and our clients are proud of, I’d like them to be more beautiful. You get the idea. No boring sites.

What are we looking for in a Designer beyond just visual creativity?

1) Attention to detail 

2) Respecting project timelines and budgets. Done on time and on budget.

3) Clear, regular communication. Particularly when there is a challenge, making sure we are all on the same page is critical.

4) Respect for the GreenHaven Client relationship. Don’t solicit Clients beyond the project.

5) Integrity. It goes without saying that we are all honest with each other. We treat Clients, Employees and Contractors with the highest level of respect and courtesy.

6) Excellent English communication.

Interested? Send a link to your work that demonstrates your talents and also include a CV or Resume or weblink that outlines your professional design history. Include your compensation expectations.

Send to dave@greenhaveninteractive.com 

Thank you for considering becoming a part of our growing team!

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