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We are glad to be partnered with B&B Auto Repair! Taking care of vehicles in Bremerton, WA, for over 30 years, B&B Auto Repair has established themselves as a landmark business in their community. In fact, B&B Auto Repair has held the Bremerton Patriot “Best of Bremerton” Award Since 2013 and the AAA Washington Top Shop Award Since 2009.

B&B Auto Repair is family-owned and operated, and they stand by their work. They know well that trust is the most important factor when choosing a company to work with your car, and they’ve done a good job of creating that trust for the past 30+ years. Being able to work with them to bring out their best online is a privilege as a marketing firm.


The GreenHaven Interactive Approach 

We met B&B Auto Repair through ASA Northwest. Like many automotive shops that come to us, their online presence was due for evaluation and improvement. We were able to audit their existing site, locate areas of need, and build upon their brand and well-known design for a site that not only looked good, but functioned well.

Additionally, B&B Auto Repair was in the process of gathering social proof. In addition to bringing their reviews to the front page and monitoring their online reputation, we were able to edit and add videos to their homepage. This gave their business a personal touch, and emphasized their family focus. 

With B&B Auto Repair, as with many family-owned brick and mortar businesses, we hold their local SEO in a position of high authority. Our priority is making sure that they are on the map, easily found and accessible to those within their geographic community. Through our efforts to personalize their digital presence and bring social proof up to standards, we create an online reputation that resonates specifically with those who live nearby. 

Today we continue to monitor and improve upon their digital marketing strategy. As a company that has long been a pillar in their community, we know their reputation within their local community is invaluable. We know they need to be found by residents of Bremerton, WA. And we know that because they are working with people’s vehicles, they need to be trusted. These all come together and form our digital marketing strategy.


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