Does my business really need to run paid marketing campaigns? 

This is a frequently asked question!

More likely than not, the answer is a resounding yes. Paid search marketing, or SEM, can be very powerful and effective when used as a supplemental strategy for organic traction. Running a query through any major search engine will present you with a mix of both organic and paid search results. Though you can certainly rank well without SEM, nearly half the results you’ll find on Google, Yahoo or Bing will be beyond your reach.

Let’s take a quick look at a common Google product search example:

Dog Food Search

Take notice of how first four results to appear all paid ads. Also, you see immediately to the right are sponsored shopping results. Though you may be able to rank organically for “grain free dog food”, you would be competing against big name brands like Petco and the NYTimes. Not to mention that even at the #1 position you would be placed below and beside paid advertisers. For this very reason, most of our customers are encouraged to invest in SEM. It can be as simple as running a Google Adwords or Facebook Ad campaign. Depending on your available budget we might suggest running ads on Bing and/or Yahoo.

You may be wondering, “Why do paid ads work so well?” The biggest reason is because paid ads incentivize search engines to place your ads in front of your target customers. Paid traffic is scalable provided that there is enough search volume for your chosen keywords. You can get some results from nearly any budget and it’s strategic. Plus, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising just makes sense, which is why it is so extremely common. The reason why it’s so sensible is that if no one sees it, you don’t pay anything?

The different search engines use different models for Paid Search Ads. [TargetBusinessName] will help you find the best strategy for your budget.

SEM or organic SEO is a necessary investment, if you intend to be found online. As you can see from the Google Search image, there were 192,000,000 results that appeared in a half second. The online market is so dense and highly competitive that time and money are required for the best chance of being found online. Success online requires strategic positioning. If you leave it to chance that you will grow your business from people casually searching and stumbling upon your businesses, you’ll likely not be found.

But no worries… we’re here to do the work that gets your business found!

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