Never Build Another Site Services

The cornerstone of all GreenHaven website services is the idea that when you commit to our site building/maintenance, you will have your site periodically updated in terms of structure, look and feel so that you never have to build another website. The rules of the Internet change often. Google changes what works and doesn’t. Security dictates changes. Look and feel trends determine what people want to see. The old way of building and then rebuilding a website every couple of years is costly and gives you an inconsistent presence. We bypass that by making changes when needed. You are still responsible for your own content, as the business owner. We are responsible to monitor security, google, market changes and trends and make updates to keep you current. This is build into our web plans listed below.

Search Engine Realities

Google and other search engines are like Fish that we are trying to get on the hook of your marketing message. No honest person or company can guarantee when and how you will rank. What we promise is that we will do the most effective things from current best practices in organic, white hat SEO to rank for what people are searching for you in your area. This is different from site to site.

Basic Web Plan – $389.00/Month

  • We create a great looking website for you.
  • The Website is SEO friendly, although only on-site SEO services are performed. We do not do external listings or services at this level.
  • We maintain the site for you. This means that we provide security services, hacker blocking, recovery from hacks or crashes if necessary. Hosting is included free of charge.
  • We update the site as needed to be current with changes in the internet and best practices.
  • We periodically update site look and feel in consultation with you.
  • We email you monthly reports on your website performance.

Complete Web Plan – $589.00/Month

  • Everything from our Basic plan.
  • Weekly professional Social Media postings.
  • Training for you to do whatever updates you want on your site
  • Directory placement in 4 of the major local directories, such as Yelp, Google My Business and others as appropriate.
  • In person monthly review meetings with our team to go over your performance and make adjustments.
  • Site structure and design adjustments as needed to remain current, emotively appealing and within our Best Practice guidelines for SEO. Essentially, you will never need to rebuild your website as we will continue to build it as requirements and standard change ongoing for marketing sites.
  • We function as another “chair” at your marketing table. We’ll help you evaluate marketing directions and assist in evaluating trends and offers including print. We can help negotiate your marketing agreements with outside vendors.

Advanced Web Plan – $789.00/Month

  • Everything from our Basic and Complete plans.
  • Monthly professional Blog/Speciality Page postings.
  • Reputation Management.
  • Directory placement in 72+ local SEO Directories.
  • Duplicate suppression in directories to ensure clean, consistent data is being presented about your business.
  • OPTIONS: We can substitute eCommerce support for the above at the same level. Each eCommerce situation is different, but in general, this is the level for our standard eCommerce support for shops under $1 million in annual sales and under 2,000 products in the catalog shipped domestically. Some additional software costs may be necessary for eCommerce sites. See your GreenHaven Digital Consultant for more details on eCommerce systems.

Digital Marketing Offerings

Local SEO with Reputation Management – $129.00/Month

  • Reputation Management.
  • Directory placement in 72+ local SEO Directories.
  • Duplicate suppression in directories to ensure clean, consistent data is being presented about your business.

Social Media Marketing and Management  – $129.00/Month

  • Facebook business page creation and build out.
  • 3 weekly posts relevant to your clientele’s demographic.
  • Monthly reporting on results.
  • OPTIONS: We can add Boosting to expand your post reach. At $179/month, we will include 2 boosts of posts. We can also include more social media systems, such as Pinterest, Houzz, SnapChat, per your request at an additional $59/site. Additional audience building services are available. See your GreenHaven Digital Consultant for more details.

Security Management with Hacker Blocking and Malware Removal  – $129.00/Month

  • Your insurance policy against bad things happening to your site. While no one can prevent all malware or hacker attacks, we will take proactive measures, including installation and monitoring security software to make your site more secure. In the event you have a problem, we will engage in Best Practice Mitigation to remove the malware and restore your site. We do not financially insure you or your company in any way. This service is proactive Best Practice Problem Presentation and assistance in restoring if any problem does occur. Please discuss the practical steps this service includes and the limitations of our liability and risks associated with having an online presence with your GreenHaven Digital Consultant.

Marketing and Digital Consulting  – $129.00/Hour

For those services outside of our offerings above, we can provide one of our experienced consultants to assist you with anything from creating marketing plan to commercial graphic design to maintenance on a website not created by GreenHaven. In some cases, depending on the nature of the engagement, the hourly rate may be more or less. Discuss your needs with your GreenHaven Digital Consultant.