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Search Engine Optimization is critical for Tacoma-Seattle area businesses!

You know that already. But how can organizations in Western Washington stand out on Google, Yahoo and Bing from other Puget Sound area websites? If you combine all the Seattle and Tacoma area businesses in your industry (or whatever area you are in), there are far more in most cases than fit on one Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page). And who should you be competing against? Most businesses have a certain relatively small geographic radius that composes their marketing area and brings them 90%+ of their revenue.

GreenHaven has been working with the Search Engines since they were invented. We wish we invented them…but that’s another story!

SEO.BallWe have some of the best experts in Search Engine Optimization in the area. Top ranking for search engines requires a specific skill set that most web developers just don’t have.  But our team does!

Another important aspect of your Search Engine (SEO) strategy must be Keeping Up With…Everyone! Google and Bing change their rules very regularly. Your competition is getting better regularly. Combined, these two factors (among many) mean that you have to stay on top of the changes in both your local market and the technology to keep your name and site “findable”. That’s where we come in. You have a business to run. We will help folks find it.

We don’t make outlandish or misleading promises. Anyone who promises you “I’ll have you on the first page of Google in a week” is just trying to get your money. SEO work really can be digital “Brain Surgery” in some cases. We’ll work with you to identify the demographic you are targeting and then work to understand how they search for what you promote. Then, we’ll get technical. A critical part of SEO is first doing the HUMAN work. Getting first page for the wrong set of people is pointless, isn’t it?

One critical component in SEO is knowing the language of your clients. In every industry, there are buzzwords and phrases that insiders use. You may rank well on search engines for those but if you prospects are using more common terms, then you could miss out. GreenHaven has done a lot of work for the Automotive Repair industry. In the industry, those that repair cars are usually called “Technicians”. However, most consumers say “I need a mechanic”. So let’s be sure that we rank for terms that your client is using to search for the types of services and products you promote.

Let’s take a look at your market, your client profile, your geography and your offerings. Let’s examine the competition and see who we need to bury (business-wise of course). We’ll develop a plan to take competitive positioning for you on the search engines and make sure it’s a solid strategy over time. If you need AdWords or other paid advertising, we’ll help you figure that out too.

Like many others in Washington State and particularly the Seattle-Tacoma-Puget Sound area, you’ll find that you have a trusted SEO partner in GreenHaven Interactive.

To learn more about what SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is and isn’t, read our article Tacoma Seattle SEO Basics For Business

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is simply making sure that Google and others are able to see your website and then categorize it based on who it appeals to. But there are specific steps you can take to improve your ranking and properly communicate with search engines. These steps will vary from site to site so be careful not to “subscribe” to a one-size-fits-all service. Greenhaven works with you to understand the type of web traffic that is best for your business and then works with your site and with the search engine to improve your performance. We then monitor and revisit as necessary to be sure you are still performing well.

Maximizing your presence on Search Engines requires work done “OnPage” and “OffPage”. As the techy phrases imply, your website can be designed, or re-designed if necesary, to be communicate better with search engines. However, it’s important to be sure that your website is friendly to both Search Engines AND People! Sites that are designed ONLY to be search engine friendly tend to be bare and boring.

Search Engines are also continually modifying their criteria for how they rank sites. Google, for instance, wants to maximize the relevance of the search results it provides you. That’s good customer service on their part. As an example, people value video over text for the most part. Therefore, sites that incorporate video (properly) tend to rank higher than they would without video.

The key to all of this is to work with a firm that understand Search Engines, keeps up on the changes and can customize your site and your OffPage impact to give you the maximum exposure for your business. That firm is Greenhaven Interactive!

If you’re not getting leads and traffic from Google, let’s talk. We’ll help you get the maximum exposure possible without making unrealistic promises.