Profit. Marketshare. Productivity.

These ideas get us going in the morning. Let us help you do the same with our proven Complete Web Plan.

You know the Web is the dominant media today. But how do you make sense of it? More importantly, how do you make the web an effective tool for your business?

That’s where we come in. The Complete Web Marketing Plan, by Greenhaven Interactive, is a step by step prioritized approach designed by business owners and managers to create REAL impact for your organization. Rather than take the “shotgun” approach or jump on the latest fad, Greenhaven will help you understand the opportunities of the web and how to use them for your benefit. We use your business goals as our guiding principles and then shape marketing and web solutions that make sense in your unique situation.

Since 1994, we’ve dedicated ourselves to making the web an effective tool for business. As business owners, we understand the challenge a business owner faces and always work towards demonstrable progress that will show up on your P&L, Balance Sheet and customer reviews.

ProfitMarketshareProductivity. These ideas get us going in the morning.

What does a complete web marketing plan look like? How can businesses and organizations in Tacoma and beyond take full advantage of the internet? The first step is pretty simple – Call GreenHaven Interactive! Or email us – we have that too. Yes, we also have a sense of humor because we really love what we do.

What exactly is it that we do, you say? We help folks get the maximum value from this big thing called the Web or Internet or, if you’re over 30, the Information Super Highway.

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